Does sp-slider support logarithmic or non-linear scaling?

I’m trying to determine if the UXP version of the sp-slider component supports logarithmic or non-linear scaling or value normalization in one form or another.

I don’t see any supporting documentation in the Spectrum UXP Reference here:

But progression scale is mentioned here:

Normalization is mentioned here, but the example link appears to be broken:

If normalization is not currently possible, perhaps there is a way to custom render the value label (right side label) so we can roll our own normalization methods as the slider changes value?

I can inspect the value label with the DOM element inspection tool, but it is not listed in the DOM in the debug window.

I doubt it supports it by default.
When I needed it (non-linear sliders are useful indeed), I had to hide the value and link the slider’s computed output to a textfield. I believe I have one such example in my UXP/React book.