Does "title" attribute work?

I’m trying to get the title attribute to work, but so far no luck.

I’ve tried the following HTML:

<div id="myDiv" style="width: 180px; height: 20px; border: 1px solid" title="My Title">TESTING</div>    

I’ve also tried the following JavaScript:

document.getElementById('myDiv').setAttribute('title', 'Title Test');

Neither produces a title when the mouse is hovered over the “myDiv” div.

I seem to remember reading that the “title” attribute works, but I’m not seeing that. Has anyone else used the “title” attribute successfully?

It does work. At least on Windows. I actually use it all over the place in my plugin. BUT… I noticed very often it wouldn’t display titles at all. Re-render of HTML (dialog re-open or plugin reload) sometimes helps. I believe there’s some kind of bug.

Works for me in PS 23 on macOS Monterey.

Thanks @kerrishotts and @Karmalakas. Wonder what I’m doing wrong??? Strange.

I’ll note that PS seems highly variable in terms of how long the mouse needs to hover before the label shows up, and there are occasions where it seems that I can convince Ps not to render a tooltip if a previous one was displayed for a long while…

so something’s up, but not sure where the issue lies (cc @pkrishna , @Sujai )

An option to show the title attribute immediately (without time delay) would be very helpful.

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IMO it’d be bad UX, however the standard way of implementing titles/tooltips is using hover/mouseidle event and a set time which I doubt it would be exposed. so our best bet for customization is a 3rd party plugin, have anyone tried to use one with UXP?

Can you change the style of this title tooltip via css?