DOM access to XMP in Adobe Photoshop

Any idea when the Adobe Photoshop DOM will have access the XMP data - aka File > Info…?

Specifically I want to get the Description field from the Basic accordion.

I saw this topic About the PhotoShop OriginalDocumentID:

which hasn’t been replied to yet.

And I recall someone wanting access to change that file information and being told no. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to change anything, just read it.

Stay tuned. This part of DOM is currently under in review/testing stage. All editable fields in File Info dialog would be readable and set-able. That is for only categories: basic, origin, and IPTC (without an IPTC extension).

For raw XMP data… it will take longer since XMP is not unique to Photoshop but universal for multiple apps so it makes sense to have the same API in all apps.

Creation/modify date would be probably responsibility of file system module. Not sure about the possibility to edit it.

new “fs” module and its lstat() method

or “uxp” module alternative:

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Excellent news! Thanks for the update, especially the extra info.

I was able to get the caption information I needed via BatchPlay, but I’d rather have native DOM access.