Empty swatches array in color element

We used to have a swatches array in the rendition field of the thumbnail field of an element but it seems it’s always empty now, making it impossible to render the color. It used to work perfectly so is it a bug on your side or something you changed recently?

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 16.17.18

Hello, thanks for your question.

Can you share the library with me at roche@adobe.com? I’ll be able to debug. Also, it would help to know how the library was created (via our service, or in a web/desktop app?).

Thanks again, looking forward to your library sharing invite and response.


The library is located: Files | Adobe Creative Cloud

We created it on the web if I remember correctly.

As you can see, we have 3 colors there but nothing in swatches in the API.

I don’t think it’s only a problem with this library though, the bug was first reported by one of our users on their own libraries.

Thank you!

@vinch Keep in mind I cannot see your library unless it’s shared with me. Send an invite to the email address I provided above to make it available to me. I’ll be able to look at the underlying asset and help figure out what’s failing.

@vinch We found and fixed a bug yesterday that should cover this use case. If you continue to experience problems, please follow up.