Enabling stack causes some items to be grouped together sometimes

Has anyone seen that when they make a group a stack some items are grouped together in a new group.

What is the logic behind this to determine when it happens? Is there a way I can prevent it?

I realize this may be a question for the XD forums.

I’m posting here in case because I don’t know if the other forum will be able to shed some insights into the conditions when this occur and if there are any properties that indicate the items were put into a new group.


It appears to be conditional as shown above.

When the rectangle is the last item in the group the other items are not grouped and the layout is vertical.

When the rectangle is the first item in the group the other items are grouped - and horizontal layout.

I find with things like this in XD, there is usually a reason. Unfortunately I don’t know what it is. Please ask on the user forums:

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