Entrypoints callbacks: mostly still not working?

it’s been a while since I’ve looked at this: the entrypoints callbacks create(), show(), hide(), destroy().

In the past, there was an issue about create() not being fired—we had to use show() to trigger it. Now create() works independently (good!) but:

  • show() runs only once.
  • hide() never does.
  • destroy() neither—when should it, BTW?

This in Photoshop. Still a known set of issues?


This works for me:

Correct, event listeners work :grinning: but not entrypoints… :thinking:

But this does not cover create and destroy, right?

Do you mean the uxpcommand listeners? Correct, AFAIK, although create() works fine, so we’re short of a destroy, I think.
Even though, a full set in the entrypoints—as designed—would be idea.

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i had posted some updates on this thread related to Indesign, same is the case with Photoshop, there is some implememtation pending on the Photoshop to get all the entrypoints working as expected

more details about the current behaviour are below

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Thanks for chiming in Vinay!
So the bottom line is:
Plugin events: create(), destroy(), managed entirely by UXP, they work as expected
Panel events: require integration efforts from the product team, we’re not completely there yet.