ERROR: Sorry, we can't open this document for all documents after running infinite while loop and force closing Adobe XD

I was developing a plugin for Adobe XD, I accidentally ran the while loop on the plugin load, not realizing and keep running about 3 or 5 mins Adobe XD was unresponsive and then I force quit. After few minutes, I reopened the home with a project list of Adobe XD appears black; when I try opening the document directly with right-click, the document loads around 75% and then shows the error “Sorry, we can’t open the document.” While the developer console shows nothing.

Though, restarting mac resolves the issue.

Woah. Glad a restart worked, but odd that it freaked out that way. Is this 100% replicable on your end? (I wonder if there’s a file lock still hanging around that caused the start screen to fail initialization.)