Error trying to use folder.renameEntry on windows version

I caught an error today in the windows version of the plugin I develop (Fireblade).

During the process of exporting an artboard to code (html / css), the plugin copies text fonts files previously selected by the user and pastes it into the destination folder, which was also previously selected by the user.

The plugin can copy and paste the text font file from the source folder to the destination folder, but after when the plugin tries to rename the text font file, the process is stopped and an error is reported: “HRESULT - Unable to create a file that already exists”.

await fontFile.copyTo(folder, { overwrite: true })
            .then((entry) => {
                return selectedFolder.renameEntry(entry, fontFileName, {
                    overwrite: true,

In the Mac version of XD this error does not occur.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

That should work – can you give some more details? Maybe include an example file/path where this fails?