Guys, How can find the current tools like Brush Settings use the ExtendScript?

Photoshop ExtendScript documentation can be found [here.](https://Documentation/Product specific Documentation/Photoshop Scripting/photoshop-cc-javascript-ref-2015.pdf)
It’s worth mentioning that ExtendScript is being mothballed and you should use UXP instead.

OK. How can use which UXP for find a Current Tool like Brush Settings Javascript?

You could start with the documentation I previously linked

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So… I use a ExtendScript Developer Tool now. Especially, I use ‘app.toolSupportBrushPresets’. How can use this?

The question you’re asking is far too broad to answer.
In the main you’re still asking about ExtendScript, but using that is now inadvisable as Adobe migrates to UXP.
As to how to do what you want in UXP - as I said, read the documentation. There’s enough there to get you up and running with a starter template plugin.
There’s also this video series to help you:

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