Fetch, XMLRequest not working in MAC

we are trying to make GET/POST request to a json file in a server. In windows the request works but in MAC it does not.

After 4 tries with no luck we decided to test the plugin suggested by adobe, and to our suprise we cloud reproduce the code error width the original code.

We are using the code sample: How to make network requests

In the mac video we can see that the error is always occurring. In windows by default it does not work but I managed to get it to work only in this condition:

create a rectangle and invoke the plugin,

it you create a rectangle, than you deselect it and than you select it again and only than you invoke the plugin, than it will work.

Can anyone create a simple fetch or XMLRequest sample that works in both windows and mac so we are sure of what is happening pls.

Error in mac: http://cdn.unykvis.com/adobe_xd_plugin/videos/error1.webm
Error in windows: http://cdn.unykvis.com/adobe_xd_plugin/videos/error2.webm

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I saw for a brief moment the screencast a URL that isn’t secure – XD on macOS uses ATS, which requires that any endpoints use https, not http.

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Will try. We build a local and online version. We wanted to use the online one. Will try and see.
If it work we will resend a news version working in both MAC and Windows. :pray:

@kerrishotts it worked. Now we have just a small bug and we are ready for public :slight_smile:

Just want to let you know that the solution is exactly the one you suggested. Thanks.

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