Get access to 3D transform properties of scenenodes

Hello dear plugins makers,

I was wondering if there were any plans to get access to the 3D transform properties of a scenenode in a next API update?

I went through the new API Reference but did not find any info yet.


  • As a designer, I would like to automate the creation of simple 3D objects (see xd forums) – currently it is quite tedious to create a simple cube (ie. see this youtube tutorial)
  • As a designer not fully aware of XD possibilities, I do not perceive the many values of being able to manipulate 3D objects. A plugin that programatically creates cool 3D effects / transitions / objects for me would make adoption easier and give me more idea to use this nice set of features.

Thanks for your time :blush:

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Yes, 3D Transform properties (get and set) will be available to the plugin APIs in XD 40, coming soon. We will update the API documentation when it’s released. Here is a preview:


Thanks David!
This is pretty awesome :black_heart:

The plugin APIs for 3D Transform have been released and the documentation has been updated:

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Awesome! Thanks :fire: :slight_smile:

Do you plan to share a sample plugin using 3d transforms such as the one you screenshoted above ?

I don’t know about the “official” samples, but here is my test plugin that demonstrates each of the new APIs. To use:

  1. Install plugin in develop folder
  2. Create a new document
  3. Open the “Test 3D” plugin panel
  4. Press the “Add Squares” button
  5. Select all of the squares that were just created on the canvas
  6. Press the “Make Cube” button to see the magic happen
  7. Press the “3D Transforms” button in the TRANSFORM section of the property inspector
  8. Rotate the cube manually
  9. Optionally press the “View Scenegraph” button to see data about each square of the cube (4.1 KB)


Thanks for sharing @DavidXD – I think it will help beginners a great deal to work with 3D transforms in plugins with an existing sample that provides a cool result so quickly.

Here’s a quick video sample of the output used with Smart Animate:

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