Get access to 3D transform properties of scenenodes

Hello dear plugins makers,

I was wondering if there were any plans to get access to the 3D transform properties of a scenenode in a next API update?

I went through the new API Reference but did not find any info yet.


  • As a designer, I would like to automate the creation of simple 3D objects (see xd forums) – currently it is quite tedious to create a simple cube (ie. see this youtube tutorial)
  • As a designer not fully aware of XD possibilities, I do not perceive the many values of being able to manipulate 3D objects. A plugin that programatically creates cool 3D effects / transitions / objects for me would make adoption easier and give me more idea to use this nice set of features.

Thanks for your time :blush:

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Yes, 3D Transform properties (get and set) will be available to the plugin APIs in XD 40, coming soon. We will update the API documentation when it’s released. Here is a preview:


Thanks David!
This is pretty awesome :black_heart: