getEntries() throws an error if the folder has user-assigned custom icon on Mac

I’ve noticed that folder.getEntries() throws an error if the folder contains invisible OSX items, as when folders have custom icons assigned.

This folder has a custom icon (cmd + shift + . to show/hide hidden items):

The error is:
Error: no such file or directory] code: -2

This folder has the default icon:

In this case, folder.getEntries() is executed correctly.

OSX version: Catalina 10.15.1

Hmm. I’m wondering if this is an expected behavior. I will reach out to XD engineering (@schenglooi) to get an answer for you.

Thanks a lot @stevekwak!

I’ve notified @kerrishotts instead since this is a UXP bug. She did confirm that it’s a bug and she will create a ticket for this.


Any news regarding the above issue?
XD 27 keeps throwing that error.

Is there any chance that this will be solved in the next release?

We’re working on optimizations and a refactor in this area, so I’m hopeful this will be addressed. It won’t make it for XD 28, though. (TBD on when.)

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For what it’s worth: the only case we’re aware of where this is a problem is when the folder has a user-assigned custom icon. Other types of “hidden files” don’t cause problems as far as I know.

Confirmed, getEntries() throws the error with custom icons only. Hope it will solved soon, Mac users do love use custom icons.

This issue (or a variation) earned me a rejection from the review process. :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure that an Icon? file was present in the reviewer’s destination folder. I’ll try to confirm tomorrow.

Update: it looks like certain dotfiles can trigger this error as well. I’ve submitted a report back to the UXP team so they can investigate further.

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While not ideal, I can at least defend against silent failure/unexpected behavior with something along the lines of:

async function getEntries(selectedDir) {
    try {
        const entries = await selectedDir.getEntries();
        return entries;
    } catch (error) {
        return null;

// const selectedDir = ... etc etc 

const entries = getEntries(selectedDir);
if (!entries) {
    // Psuedo code:
    tellUser("Unable to read the selected folder. Please choose a different folder.");
    return; // Exit plugin

Curious to know if anyone has found a more eloquent workaround.

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Happy to note that we’ve identified the root cause of the failure in UXP and are working to implement the fix and resolve this soon!