Help With Filling A Layer With Black Using Alchemist

I have recorded a step which fills a layer with black but my issues is that when you go to Photoshop - Edit Undo Fill is Grayed Out and I dont know why.

await batchPlay(
            "_obj": "fill",
            "using": {
               "_enum": "fillContents",
               "_value": "black"
            "opacity": {
               "_unit": "percentUnit",
               "_value": 100
            "mode": {
               "_enum": "blendMode",
               "_value": "normal"
            "_isCommand": true,
            "_options": {
               "dialogOptions": "dontDisplay"
         "synchronousExecution": false,
         "modalBehavior": "fail"

After further investigation, it turns out that this issue appeard to be connected with when we use the menuCommand as a workaround for the “Lost Focus” problems.


Not using these makes it work OK.

Boy… this Lost focus issue is really making me feel frustrated …

Yes, however I’d rather sacrifice Undo and preserve keyboard focus and shortcuts and keep on using the hack. Until the new API comes to the rescue at least :wink:

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