Help with UXP host theme

Hello guys, everything okay?

I’m not a programmer but I really want to change the default color in Photoshop, I noticed that the base color of the darkest preset is #323232.

Searching through the Photoshop files, I fall into the Required/UXP folder.
There is a file called “host-theme.css” and inside it there is all the code that supposedly changes the colors, I will forward it here:

@media(prefers-color-scheme: darkest){
/* P0 */
–uxp-host-background-color: #101010;
–uxp-host-text-color: #FFFFFF;
–uxp-host-border-color: #292929;
–uxp-host-link-text-color: #4B9CF5;
–uxp-host-widget-hover-background-color: #3D3D3D;
–uxp-host-widget-hover-text-color: #FFFFFF;
–uxp-host-widget-hover-border-color: #3D3D3D;

    /* P1 */
    --uxp-host-text-color-secondary: #9B9B9B;
    --uxp-host-link-hover-text-color: #FFFFFF;
    --uxp-host-label-text-color: #FFFFFF;


However, even if I change this color scheme, it doesn’t change anything in Photoshop, I just wanted to change this default color to a darker one, can you help me?

See if this tread helps

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this is a default ui colours, i want edit the default color, more precisely the darkness ui, you can help me?

This is what you need.

Using UIColors.txt it is not possible to change the color of the interface, it would be via theme awareness, as I said above.

Using UIColors, it changes a lot of the program’s colors, but the layout (the UI itself) doesn’t change.