Hi, I'm JRed! I have a question about the Adobe SDKs

Hi! I’m not sure this is the right tag, but I don’t see any that fully cover my question, and since I’m new, I’ll consider this a hello too! :smile: I recently decided to begin working on a personal idea of mine. If you do not know, Discord offers an SDK to allow c++ programs to show what their users are doing within the status of a Discord user. I know Adobe offers plugin support, so I thought it might be a cool idea to make a plugin that shows the file you are currently editing and what programs it is in. So my real question is what Adobe programs offer a c++ API (and where is their documentation) and will these APIs allow me to see the file the user is currently editing? Thank you so much for your time!

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Hi there, and welcome!

Different Creative Cloud apps have different C++ SDKs. Generally speaking, you can log into https://console.adobe.io/ (recently redesigned) with an Adobe ID (even a free one) and browse around https://console.adobe.io/servicesandapis. I’d filter for “Creative Cloud” and check for “Downloads”. Then you can download C++ SDKs and see the documentation.

There appear to be some broken links in the recent redesign, so if you hit a 404 do let us know in this thread.

Generally speaking, the older forums will have more C++ developers, but they’re divided up by app, or in the “Exchange” or “Coding Corner” categories.

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