How can I open external links in UXP plugin in Photoshop?

How can I open External Links?

  • URI scheme “https” is not accepted
  • URI scheme “http” is not accepted

I know this can be done. I am seeing other engineers make it happen.

Every link is not valid. Even adobe’s example is not valid.

The errors:

The Example

The Code

async function openDiscordLink() {
		console.log("opening discord link")
		await shell.openExternal("", "develop message for the user consent dialog");
		// shell.openExternal('');
	} catch (e) {


How can I open the external links?

A launchProcess permission must be written in manifest.json.

"requiredPermissions": {
  "launchProcess": {
    "schemes": ["https", "http"]

There was a similar topic. It may be helpful.

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