How do I programmatically add an event listener which is index depended in JavaScript?

I am trying to add an even listener programmatically, to a photoshop plugin using this code:

actionObject = [];
actionObject[0] =  {name: "A1", id: "95ce"};
actionObject[1] =  {name: "B2", id: "9dk2"};
actionObject[10] =  {name: "H6", id: "9334"};

for (i = 0; i < actionObject.length; i++ ){
    console.log("#btn" + actionObject[i].name);
    var action = actionObject[i];
    $("#btn" + function () {
        await ExecuteAsModal(() => runAction(action));

The problem I am facing is that when this even is triggered, regardless of the button I am pressing, it always tries to run “runAction” with the last ‘action’ in the actionObject array. In this case it always tries to run it with

action={name: "H6", id: "9334"}

How can Make sure each button runs “actionObject” with it’s proper “action”?

Solved it…
var action = actionObject[i];
let action = actionObject[i];