How to attach plugin panel permanently to the sidebar?


I have created my first UXP plugin for InDesign (a business card creator for our company).

To make sure I always have it quickly at hand, I pinned the panel to the sidebar.
But whenever InDesign is closed, it disappears from the sidebar.
The next time I start InDesign, I have to restart the plugin and pin the panel to the sidebar again.

Is there any way to avoid this?


Nice catch – I hadn’t even noticed that, yet! Probably something for the InDesign team to answer (I don’t think there’s a way for us – the plugin developers – to do anything about it at the moment).

Maybe something for InDesign 19.0? :wink:

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@sivar2311 are you planning to submit this plugin on Adobe marketplace? Would be have it there so that I can try it out.

Hello @Sujai!
Thank’s for the feedback.

No, the plugin will not be published in the Market Place as it is only for use in our company.

However, the behaviour can be reproduced with the simple example of the quick start template (see and will probably affect any plugin.

@sivar2311 Thanks for reporting, we are looking into this issue.

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Hi @sivar2311 would you mind sharing your plugin with the Adobe team? I would love to see what you build as a business card creator and also have a chat with you about that. If you are open for that please reach out to Thanks!