How to check, what Object is selected


let’s say I have this Object:

[ Rectangle (‘Rechteck 2’) {
width: 793, height: 113
global X,Y: -4, 19
parent: Artboard (‘Web 1920 – 1’)
stroke: ff707070
fill: ff393232
} ]

I know how to get all information: name, width, height, ect - except how to get the Objectname “Rectangle” itself.

Thanks for any help :pray:

Do you mean the type of object, or the actual user-assigned (well, default-assigned and user-assignable) name?

I mean the type of object - yes =)

If you have node as the scenenode in question, then is the name of the the object constructor, i.e., the type of node.

But also see

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Sorry for replying so late, but thank you so much - that was the right thing! =)

Do you also know how to get the width and the height from a group or a symbolinstance?
group.width doesn’t work (undefined)

Thanks for any help =)