How to enable scroll bars to paragraph

How would I add scroll bars to a paragraph in the plugin UI?

Here is my code:

var messageParagraph = h("p", { textContent:"", style: { height: 100, overflow:"scroll", border:"1px solid red"} );
var label = document.createElement("span");
label = h("span", { style: { } }, message),
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This is just off the top of my head (and since it’s 2:00 AM for me, I can’t test it right now). However, I think wrapping the paragraph (or whatever section you want to be that way) in a div (or similar container) and giving the div the style attributes you used for the paragraph (height: [some value], overflow:'scroll') should work.

Again: this is just something I think I have done like this before, so no guarantees for this to be working…

Hope this helps :wink:

(Sorry for the bad English – I clearly should stop trying to write English sentences at this time of night :laughing:)


That worked. :slight_smile: Thanks