How to make a new layer with blended pixels of two pre-selected layers?

Hello, I’m a beginner trying to make a simple UXP plugin that generates a new layer with blended pixels of two pre-selected layers. I am trying to figure out how to find corresponding pixels because each layer has a different size and position. Any tips or links to other posts would be appreciated.

As in Layer > Merge Down but pressing the Option key to create a new layer?
I don’t think Layer.merge() can do the merge on a new layer, you’ve got to resort to good, old, ugly BatchPlay:

const photoshop = require('photoshop');
const batchPlay = photoshop.action.batchPlay;
const executeAsModal = photoshop.core.executeAsModal;

let res = await executeAsModal(async () => {
    let r = await batchPlay([
            _obj: "mergeLayersNew", 
            duplicate: true

    ], {})
}, { commandName: "baa" })

Of course commandName can also bee, or boo, it’s your pick :slight_smile:

Doc on BatchPlay and executeAsModal.

I also was thinking of this approach, but this merges all visible layers, not only selected ones. I guess to merge only selected, you’d need to hide all other layers, do the merge, and then make visible those, that were hidden :thinking:

I don’t think so, unless I’ve misunderstood the initial question :slight_smile:
If 2 layers are active, the provided code merges them only in a new layer:

Leaving the topmost (in the above example) out.

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Ah, I was thinking about mergeVisible instead of mergeLayersNew. My bad :slight_smile: