How to restore historyState

I get actionDescriptor in Alchemist which is

const batchPlay = require("photoshop").action.batchPlay;

const result = await batchPlay(
      _obj: "historyStateChanged",
      documentID: 342,
      ID: 352,
      name: "demo-2.psd",
      hasEnglish: false,
      itemIndex: 0,
      _options: {
         dialogOptions: "dontDisplay"
   synchronousExecution: false,
   modalBehavior: "fail"

when I use it in photoshop 2022, it does not work. What is wrong?

I don’t think historyStateChanged is something you can actively execute via batchPlay, it’s more of a notification event.
If your intention was to restore the document state to a previous one, you should select a history state instead:

   "_obj": "select",
   "_target": [
         "_ref": "historyState",
         "_offset": -2

This would go back 2 steps, but you can also reference historyStates by ID (_id) instead of _offset

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You could also do something like:

const doc = app.activeDocument;
const hist = doc.historyStates;
doc.activeHistoryState = hist[hist.length - 2]

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