How to specify root/default folder for getFolder()

How can I specify the default folder for storage.localFileSystem.getFolder()?
Say I want it to be “D:\Pictures\Adobe” so that this will be the root folder when the file picker opens for that plugin.

Did you check the docs?

Yes. There is no default location there.

Then what is the only accepted option in the method?

the preferred initial location of the file picker. If not defined, the most recently used domain from a file picker is used instead.

They I must ne doing something wrong…
How do I specify “D:\Pictures\Adobe” as the initialFolder?
defaultPath = "D:\\Pictures\\Adobe";
...await fs.getFolder({initialDomain: defaultPath})

@karpiyon worth noting that the documentation specifies that it takes a Symbol and not a String.

And you can choose one of these Symbols. I’m afraid you won’t be able to define just any location

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Thank you.
I though I could specify any folder.

Is there a way to get a symbol to the current working directory? The one the activeDocument is saved it?