How to use 'Object Selection Tool' in UXP .psjs Script

Hello, I’m interested in writing a script (.psjs UXP script) which applies a few transformations to an input image, one of those methods I’d like to use is the ‘Object Selection Tool’.

I’ve been reading into the UXP scripting documentations and testing a bit, I cannot find it on the Photoshop DOM and can’t find any documentation on how to use batchplay to use it.

Could anyone help point me in the right direction on how to implement this? Thank you kindly!

I recommend checking out these great videos from Davide

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Jason, thank you for your quick response. I’ll review the video, consider it’s contents during my testing and report back to this thread with the outcome.

What @JasonM is signposting here is Davide Barranca’s excellent video series on UXP, but more specifically Jarda’s Alchemist plugin that you can use to listen to and inspect Photoshop. It does loads of stuff, but most importantly it will generate batchPlay code that you can copy and paste into your own code.