Integrate Login

Hey there!

I was trying to do a login component inside the photoshop uxp plugin and I have been stucked in this.

First of all, I was trying to integrate with AWS Cognito login system (with their libs, like amplify or amazon-cognito-identity) and I was having some errors, because they use a crypto lib that does not support old browsers and I found with window.navigator.userAgent the browser running is “adobe UXP Runtime”, obviously, it’s not supported.

So, I don’t know if via uxp plugin I can achieve that or not, anyone can help me with this please?

Because UXP doesn’t use Chromium (the way the CEP used to), it’s not actually a browser, so you’ll have to rely on external API calls for your authentication needs.

So you’ll have to do something similar to what they did here with OAuth:

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