Is it possible to extract video element height/width dimensions?

Hey there!

I’m working with the Creative Cloud API, and I want to fetch all elements (images and videos) from a given CC Library. I’m using this API call with one selector: representations.

I noticed that video element representations have a data field video#data that stores the video duration, but it doesn’t seem to have any data stored for the video’s height and width dimensions.

Can someone verify whether or not height/width data is obtainable from a video representation? If not, will this be something available in the future?

Any help is appreciated

PDFs have the same issue, no width or height available. Makes the generation of renditions difficult.

@steventraaan @patrickheinzelmann Neither of those representation types are required to contain height/width data. Both, however, are required to contain an additional representation image that serves as its rendition. If this is not the case for elements created by Adobe apps, please let us know and we will investigate.

I would have expected that width and height are default metadata information for videos. If a user generates multiple renditions of a video and save them in CC Libraries, it would simplify the selection of the correct file if the width and height part of the metadata.

@Roche I created an Illustrator file using Adobe Illustrator uploaded it to Adobe CC Libraries. The API returns 0 for width and height.

That’s a bug on our part, unless the dimensions are explicitly added as 0. I’ll take a look.