Is it possible to modify Colors channels without creating a selection like SelectiveColor does?

It is possible to modify colors like SelectiveColor Adjustment does without having to create a selection as a dynamic range. How can I affect or make a Grading of the color Red, for example, like SelectiveColor does?

Is this possible in Uxp?

Why not use selective color?

If I select the red channel color and I want to do a grading by adding red, green and blue, I cannot use the RGB values ​​since the control only supports 0 to -100 for cyan as red, magenta as green and yellow as blue.

So if I have a color in the value from RGB like Red=224,Green=199 and Blue=100 I don’t see a way to convert the value and get the same exact color using the SelectiveColor control.

That’s why I ask anyway if it is possible to access the specific color like the control does and modify that color without creating a selection. Hue/Saturation does the same thing.

If I understand correctly, you want to grade one RGB value to another, so for example, you can correct any occurrence of RGB 100/50/200 to 100/75/200. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by dynamic range selection, but I guess you are referring to the Hue/Saturation adjustment range slider.

There are a number of ways to handle this, but here are a couple of ideas.

The easiest way would be the replace color tool, it does require you to be working with a raster layer though.

Another approach, you could probably also do this with the channel mixer.

Basically, define your input color. In your case you said RGB like Red=224,Green=199 and Blue=100. Create a channel mixer layer. Adjust the layers advanced blending options so that values outside of your input RGB range are hidden. Now, adjust the channel mixers absolute value on the given channel to suit your needs. You would need to do some math to get the exact percentage difference, but this should work.

Here is a demo. No layer mask is needed and the grade is live, so you can freely move the image around and continue to make changes.

thankyou so much.
sorry but can you show me the screen of the blending options for the comment:
“Adjust the layers advanced blending options so that values outside of your input RGB range are hidden”

and thank you for your time.


The value in-between the two handles will work as the input color value you are targeting for that channel. So in this screenshot, we are limiting the effect of this layer to only pixels with a red value of 121. You would then select the green and blue channels from the drop down and do the same thing, until the only values not blended are the RGB values that make up your input color. You can fade this effect by alt clicking on the handles.

Now, you can use this blending set up for any type of adjustment you want, and it will only affect that specific RGB value.

ok. thanks
I’m using a curve this is a possible solution.
Grate Help. Thanks.