Is posible to get a value that was apply in any of the effects?

I want to know if it is possible to get the applied value when we execute an effect. for example if I use the gussian effect and apply 5 if it is possible to get that value before the effect is applied or after

I think it’s possible to get after, if it’s a smart filter, but not at my PC now, so can’t confirm. And I so very much miss the before events - AFAIK there’s no way to catch those

You can add listeners for the filter events you want to capture and then read out the parameters from the descriptor. Here’s an example of how the gaussianBlur descriptor looks like:

   "_obj": "gaussianBlur",
   "radius": {
      "_unit": "pixelsUnit",
      "_value": 13.9

It doesn’t have to be a smart filter (if I understood your question correctly).

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In this example: the highPass filter is called with a default value of 10, but then changed the radius value in the popup to 654.6 as seen. How can I access the _value: 654.6 from [PromiseResult]?

ok. thanks!
I get the value testin like this:
i get the value tha was press in the window popup

Ah okay, so you programatically open the filter dialog and let the user confirm it - in that case you can await the batchPlay and read it from the returned descriptors like you’ve figured out. In the other case, where the user applies a filter all by himself, you’ll need an event listener.

is possible for you show me the case of an evnt listener. with my test i can get the value but the program when return the event doesnt continue with the rest of the process. it stop.

i have process waiting for the value applay by the user in the effects so want to capture that value and the use that value to make another process. I need help if that is possible. thanks.

Here’s the documentation page for event listening:

Not sure if I correctly understood the rest of your use case or where the problem is.