Is there an Artboard property that says if the Artboard is an overlay?

Is there a property that says if the artboard is an overlay? I can probably check the incoming interactions and see that way.

In what case would an artboard be used as an overlay?

When you run Desktop Preview I’m seeing use cases where an artboard is used as a pop up.

In the Responsive Design UIKit the last artboard is an overlay.

I think I’ve sort of got it working with this:

 * Returns true if the artboard is an overlay to another artboard
 * @param {Artboard} item 
 * @return {Boolean}
function isArtboardOverlay(item) {
	var interactions = null;

	try {
		interactions = item.incomingInteractions;

		for (let index = 0; index < interactions.length; index++) {
			var interaction = interactions[index];
			var localInteractions = interaction.interactions;

			for (let j = 0; j < localInteractions.length; j++) {
				const localInteraction = localInteractions[j];
				var trigger = localInteraction.trigger;
				var action =  localInteraction.action;
				if (trigger && trigger.type==TriggerType.TAP && action && action.type==ActionType.OVERLAY) {
					return true;

		return false;
	catch(error) {

		// when an interaction(s) is added to an node and one does not have an endpoint the following errors happen
		// Plugin TypeError: Cannot read property 'pluginWrapper' of null
    	// at Interaction.serializeForApi (lib/interactions/Interaction.js:1:11398)
    	// at forEach.e (plugins/ScenegraphWrappers.js:1:11918)
    	// at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
		 // at Text.get (plugins/ScenegraphWrappers.js:1:11896)
		return false;
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@Velara yep! That’s your best bet – there’s nothing special about an artboard that’s used as an overlay. Its only distinguishing characteristic is that some interaction exists somewhere in the document which uses it in that capacity.

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