Issues connecting to a WebSocket server

I’ve been working on developing a Photoshop UXP plugin to send and receive image data using WebSockets. I am having an awful time actually getting the WebSocket client in the UXP plugin to connect to the WebSocket server.

After the new WebSocket is created and the event handlers are bound, the onError gets called immediately and gives an empty error:

I noticed that someone was having this same issue except with wss://, I’m just trying to use ws://. Is this maybe a regression of some kind? I am currently using Photoshop 25.3.1. I am getting this error with the WebSocket starter code as well as the Socket.IO version. I made sure to use the new required network permissions while using manifest v5. I didn’t have any luck with v4 either though.

I have also confirmed that the WebSocket server is connectable via two other WebSocket clients, this seems to be a UXP specific issue. Any help with debugging or working around this issue would be greatly appreciated!