Join us at Creative Cloud Digital Partner Days (20th - 22nd of July)


Have you signed up for the CC Digital Partner Days this year yet? If you haven’t, I’d highly recommend doing so (it’s free). Even if you’re not sure if you can find the time, you’ll still gain access to the recordings of many interesting keynotes regarding extensibility and UXP in general after the event :slightly_smiling_face:.

Plus, if you do find the time to attend live, next to the keynotes, there’ll also be many opportunities for discussions and networking. While it may not be the same as in-person, Hopin provides some great tools to both have discussions regarding specific topics (e.g., there is a breakout session for UXP with @kerrishotts ) and there’s even a special networking mechanism where you can get paired up with other attendees and get to know each other). Plus, with the event being digital, it isn’t as “location-bound” as the in-person partner days were, meaning there’ll probably be attendees from all around the world, not just those for whom it is feasible to get to the event location (which, at least to me, sounds exciting).

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so at Creative Cloud Digital Partner Days - Jul 20 | Hopin. For a richer experience, seats are limited, so I’d recommend doing it soon… I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Side-note: I’m a part-time Adobe employee now having joined the Creative Cloud Platform & Ecosystem team as a working student 6 days ago :wink:. This, of course, adds some additional incentive for me to recommend signing up, and I can’t deny being excited about seeing my name on the speaker list of such an event, either. However, I’ve attended the partner days the previous two years as “just a fellow plugin developer”, and enjoyed it a lot (which is why I wanted to join Adobe in the first place), so the recommendation is 100% genuine.

PS: When I first heard the term “partner days” when I started developing plugins, it sounded a bit intimidating to me (and not like something I as a “simple developer” should attend). I did, however, get to join the event and can say that it’s definitely worth it. Therefore, if you’re a bit “on edge” whether the event is for you, it probably is (especially since you’re already here :wink:). It’s not as intimidating as it might sound, and there are a lot of familiar, friendly faces from these forums there, as well (for instance, among many others, @kerrishotts and @Erin_Finnegan ).

Also, if you know anyone else who’s developing plugins or maybe is just interested in the topic, please feel free to share this invitation with them. On the third day, we’ll also host some workshops, including an intro to developing plugins for XD or Photoshop, meaning if you know anyone who’s “just” curious about Creative Cloud extensibility, they’re also more than welcome to join.

Developer Workshops

On the third day, there’ll also be developer workshops for UXP-based Photoshop and XD plugins as well as the Document Cloud & PDF Services API. We invite you to save your seat (there are only 25 seats available per workshop) :slightly_smiling_face: .

The XD & Photoshop plugin workshops will be hosted by @kerrishotts, @simonhenke, @Barkin, and me. We’re looking forward to seeing you there, whether you’re still a beginner, looking to advance your UXP skills or maybe try developing a plugin for “the other” UXP supported app (may that be XD or Photoshop).

The workshop consists of both hands-on sessions guiding you to developing your (maybe first) plugin, free hack time with the opportunity to ask any questions that might come up, networking, and (if you’d like to show what you’ve developed) short demo sessions at the end.

You can sign up for the workshops at Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud Developer Workshops - Jul 22 | Hopin.


Quick reminder: The partner days begin in about an hour. If you haven’t done so already, you can still register via the link above :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m looking forward to seeing you there and maybe talk a bit during the UXP breakout session :wink:

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