Killing myself to create a TEXTAREA

Can figure it out:

  • .areaBox : ?{width:number, height:number}

I want to create a text area as a Area Text. Anyone managed to do it?

always read the api clearly see this prop is read only
don’t waste your time unnecessarily without reading api corrently

Stupid of me, so there is no way to create a AREA TEXT is it?

atleast not for now i think can wait for official release in future

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This will change my code entirely. Thanks.

for what plugin ?
do you accomplishing

The roadmap for development for when to expect things.

For experience generator… :confused:

Can we get textarea creation added to the roadmap for the API?

I’ve looked carefully but haven’t found it (perhaps I missed it).



So GLAD :slight_smile:

@igcorreia are you trying to write multiline text

if yes use escape character “\n” to write to next line if you not found solution for that

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