List of custom shapes

What type and property of the descriptor to get a list of all shapes customized by the Alchemist plugin or another way to get the list?

Thanks in advance

In latest Alchemist update you can search by name if you have a lot of properties to read… like this:

But I think that preset refers to style instead of shape.

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Hi @Jarda first we are grateful for making this powerful tool available, and for responding!
In extendScript in the last versions of Photoshop it was no longer possible to obtain the list of custom shapes, I believe that with UXP it is no different.
Gradients, brushes, styles… it was possible to obtain with the plugin, except for custom shapes, the return is empty.

Does it work in older PS versions?

I’ve been using UXP since October 2022, I can’t confirm. In previous versions with this jsx I got all the litas, I don’t remember which version, it stopped loading:

#target photoshop;
function getToolPresetNames() {
      var ref = new ActionReference();
     ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID("capp"), charIDToTypeID("Ordn"), charIDToTypeID("Trgt") );
     var appDesc = executeActionGet(ref);
     var List = appDesc.getList(stringIDToTypeID('presetManager'));
     var presetNames=[];
     var list = List.getObjectValue(6).getList(charIDToTypeID('Nm ')); //// List.getObjectValue(6)
     for (var i = 0; i < list.count; i++) {
             var str = list.getString(i);
             presetNames.push(str); }
     return presetNames;

That is exactly same code but for Action Manager. The data structure is exactly the same as shown in the screenshots.

@Jarda Can we consider this as a bug unnoticed by the Adobe dev team and put an end to this topic as it can’t be fixed?

I think so. Adobe should fix this.

Adobe may not know this, it stopped working at least 3 years ago. Thanks for your attention.