Make active document by name

I’m trying to figure out how to check to see if a document is open, and if it is to make it the active one. I don’t know how to check the open documents titles to get their current _id. I can loop through them and check their title and this works, although ideally there is a better solution. Current code is below

async function testCode1() {

   if (app.activeDocument.title != "3D_temp.tif") {

      for (i = 0; i < app.documents.length; i++) {

         app.activeDocument = app.documents[i]

         if (app.activeDocument.title == "3D_temp.tif") {






Hi, if I understand correctly you would like to select the document by the name, try this way :

async function selectByName(name){

    const batchPlay = require("photoshop").action.batchPlay;

    const result= await batchPlay(



          "_obj": "select",

          "_target": [


                "_ref": "document",

                "_name": name




          "_isCommand": true,

          "_options": {

             "dialogOptions": "silent"




       "synchronousExecution": false,

       "modalBehavior": "fail"



    console.log("the document does not exist")


Amazing, thank you so much. So obvious once you point it out.