Migrate some UXP Developer Tool Information, features and API to Plugin Panel

Some features to consider migrating to plugin panel:

Option to show an indicator that the plugin is in design mode and the last modified time.

If a developer is working on a plugin somehow show that the plugin is in development mode and last modified date / time:

(note: not my plugin shown above)

Possibly copy over some other data and features:

Andor see if it’s possible to add UXP API for developers to show this info themselves:

var uxp = require("uxp");
// get modified date
var lastModified = uxp.getModifiedDateOfPlugin();

// reload plugin

// check if in developer mode
uxp.inDeveloperMode(); // if true dev plugin loaded 

// check if auto reloading updates
uxp.isAutoReloading(); // is true if checking folder for changes

Also give Kerri a raise :slight_smile: