Modal dialog sizing issue

The modal dialog pop up windows seem to ignore any sizing input and just size however they want to. I tried entering the size inside of the uxpShowModal function and also tried sizing it in CSS. In either case, it seems to ignore the values and just do it’s own thing.

For Windows in PS 22.5.1, it cuts off the UI. In PS 22.3.0, it fits it all in. For Mac, the dialog UI gets cut off in both PS 22.5.1 and PS 22.3.0. Changing the height does not have any effect on the actual dialog height.

Am I doing this wrong or is it just broken?

function batchProcessWindow() {
    title: "Start Batch Process",
    resize: "none",
    size: {
      width: 800,
      height: 800

This is how it looks for Windows 22.5.1, Mac 22.5.1, and Mac 22.3.0.

This is how it looks in Windows 22.3.0. It will fit it all in for this case. However, changing the height still does not actually change the height of the window.

If you remove the height property the dialog should automatically fit to the necessary height of the content.

I tried that already. For 22.5.1, it seems there is a maximum height that it will make it. I tried witout height and also without width or height. It will auto fit aup to a certain point but then it will stop making it bigger. It is strange because when I make a narrower dialog window, 22.5.1 it will allow it to display taller than it will for a wider window. It’s almost like there is an area restriction.

For 23.0.0 I actually have it working for both Windows and Mac. The issue on Mac is 23.0.0 was that I also had an older copy of the plugin with a small dialog installed. When loading the newer rev from the UXP developer tool, it was keeping the same dialog window size as the older installed version with the same ID. After I uninstalled the older version, it worked on Mac 23.0.0.

So right now, I have it working on 23.0.0 for both Windows and Mac but neither work on 22.5.1. So I’m just going to restrict the plugin to 23.0.0 or higher. The users will just have to update to 23.0.0. Since the entire UXP API has been in flux, I’ve been restricting my plugins to the latest couple of revisions anyway so that I don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility while UXP is constantly changing. I don’t mind for it to be 23.0.0 or higher because I want to eventually convert it to API 2 anyway.