Multiple text runs where none needed--XD bug?

I’ve got an end-user document with some text scenegraph items where each paragraph is its own text run, even though all the properties of each run are identical.

I tried creating such a setup by hand with multiple paragraphs, but when I change each paragraph to have unique properties (which creates the appropriate number of runs) and then change them back to have the same set, XD properly turns the whole set of paragraphs into a single run.

I wonder how these paragraphs could have been created in the first place?

Since one of our plugins only operates with single-run text (for now), this is critical issue, and I guess I’ll have to detect whether all the runs in a text items are identical and treat the text item as actually having a single logical run (i.e., do the normalization myself).

Seems like this is something XD should be doing.

Can you create a steps to reproduce? I’ve had some issues with text that I’ve been able to work around or solve but I don’t understand some of what you’re describing.

Unfortunately, no. I came across this in the wild (a customer document), but I couldn’t re-create it by hand.

One of the best things about debugging XD plugins is that it’s “easy” to get examples because someone can send you the XD file. I’ll ask people to send me their project (and they can strip out as much or as little as they like) so I can reproduce the issue.

So in your case have them create a new project, copy and paste the text field (and or artboard) that is causing an issue into the new project (artboard), have them confirm it is causing the issue in the new project when using your plugin and then have them send that XD project to you. Bingo bango.

I have the document, but have no idea what to do with the malformed text.

Can you post screenshots of the malformed text or can you dm me the artboard?

My guess is that someone copied and pasted rich text markup from somewhere else and it doesn’t look right because it’s missing part of the markup.

Actually, if IIUC if you switch from single line text from a multiline run or the opposite the soft line breaks are converted to and from hard line breaks. I don’t think that’s a bug.

From the reputable site Yahoo Answers: