No tool options for the Remove tool

I use the code below from this forum post to get the tool options for the active tool. (Thank you @simonhenke!)

// Store current tool options
const toolOpt = batchPlay([
    _obj: 'get',
    _target: [
      { _property: "currentToolOptions" },  
      { _ref: 'application', _enum: 'ordinal', _value: 'targetEnum' }

However, for the Remove tool, this returns an empty object {}.

I would like to programmatically change the options for the Remove tool, but can’t figure out how to access the different tool options in order to determine how to change them. Alchemist doesn’t provide the tool options either when looking at the application’s currentToolOptions.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Yes… my client has some problem with this tool.


I was able only to set brush size… but that is about it.