Open system folder: same command for Mac and Windows

I use these command to open a specific folder:

openFolderLink.href = "file://" + folder.nativePath;

Actually, it works on Mac only. Is there a way to make it work on Windows too?

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I don’t think this works on Windows. @kerrishotts - do we have any alternative solution for Windows?

Not at this time, no.

We are working on a better way to interact with the system, but it won’t happen until next year.

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Are there any news here?
It used to work like this (on MacOS)
<a v-bind:href="outputFolder ? 'file://'+outputFolder.nativePath : ''">{{outputFolder ? 'file://'+outputFolder.nativePath : ''}}</a>

The UX of my new plugin would extremely benefit from a simple “open folder in filesystem (after user already granted permission to the folder)”

I think these are related/duplicates: