openViewlessDocument for UXP for Photoshop

Does UXP have a method comparable to the openViewlessDocument used by Photoshop’s Load Files into Stack script?

I’m running a batch process that consolidates individual files into layers in a single file, and the viewlessDocument object is supposed to speed up the process and avoid cluttering up the UI.


Did it ever work for you in ExtendScript? As far as I know… it could read-only a few metadata info but many actions did not work there.


The viewlessDocument object is recommended for stacking multiple files as layers here:

and again here:

Apparently this is the object Photoshop uses for stacking images as layers.

Alternatively, is it possible to suspend display updates during ExecuteAsModal operations?

This might have a similar effect during an image stacking operation.

Thanks again.

Found my 8 years old forum post: Viewless document - examples? - PS-SCRIPTS.COM

The only thing I was able to do was read document metadata and add layer from viewless document but that was all. And I think I had some issues with documents that were multiple layers. It seemed corrupted or something. I did not find any good use for it.