Pattern Panel Active State

Has anyone found a way to programmatically manipulate which pattern is currently selected?
The only events that seem scriptable are “make new pattern” and “make new pattern group”.

I’m trying to load patterns from a folder with subfolders and want the added patterns to be represented in the same folder hierarchy such as:

  • Folder
    • Pattern 1
    • Pattern 2
    • Subfolder
      • Pattern 3
    • Subfolder
      • Pattern 4

However, new patterns always get added at the level of the currently selected pattern and I see no workaround to change the selected pattern at all (or deselect it).

I also didn’t find any related ExtendScript code :confused:

Have you tried using Alchemist to find the BatchPlay code for this…?

Yep, but the event is not recordable, or in other words, the event does not exist in a scripting context.
There’s also no indication of a selected state anywhere in the Application / Preset Manager Descriptor.

Seems like it’s one of those things purely existing in the “App UI state” and not accessible from scripts, but I was hoping there was some kind of workaround or hack to trigger a select/deselect of a pattern.