Photoshop cloud API and UXP plugins?

Regarding the Photoshop cloud API, is it possible for this to run UXP plugins on a server?.. or maybe just run UXP batchPlay descriptors along with some other basic UXP javascript?

I have some UXP composite automation plugins that are fairly complex. In a really awesome world it would be cool if I could have this run on a server. Users could upload their images and the API would run the UXP automation to build the composited images from the users uploads along with PSD template files that were stored on the server.

I’m a bit confused about what the cloud API actually is. This page mentions that it can run Photoshop actions. Is there actually a full featured version of Photoshop running on the backend server that can run all Photoshop tools? Or is the cloud API a smaller subset of Photoshop features? If it is full featured, can UXP tie into it?

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To add to the questions:
The website appears to indicate that once out of beta the API will be a subscription model, what might that subscription model look like?
Is there likely to be a pricing tier that has a low bar for entry? Or are we looking at enterprise pricing?

This forum is targeting the Creative Cloud Libraries product/support teams. @ddbell Can you move your question to a more relevant subject area?

You’ll be more likely to get the help you need in that category, thanks.

Sorry, I was confused by the subject area titles. I thought Creative Cloud Libraries API was the correct area for questions about the Photoshop cloud API. I will move it to UXP, although this question is really more about the Photoshop cloud API.