Photoshop quick export occasionally doesn't work

Hi all :wave:

I have been developing a plug in for quite some time. For a few weeks I have used the export as png batch-play command to then load in a preview. A dirty solution, tbh.

Recently it has been failing to export and even the right-click and “Quick export as PNG” also no longer opens the file explorer. I have no way, aside from hard restarting, to fix the issue.

The command used:

 const exportCommand = {
          _obj: 'exportSelectionAsFileTypePressed',
          _target: { _ref: 'layer', _enum: 'ordinal', _value: 'targetEnum', _id: id },
          fileType: 'png',
          quality: 32,
          metadata: 0,
          destFolder: destFolder.nativePath,
          sRGB: true,
          openWindow: false,
          _options: { dialogOptions: 'dontDisplay' },
const commands = [selectCommand, exportCommand];

await action.batchPlay(commands, { modalBehavior: 'execute', synchronousExecution: true });

Sometimes the fix is to restart my laptop or forget cache or close, sometimes neither.

Thank you.

Another issue kept on popping up as well as the aforementioned one.

This error also shows after the export.