PlaceEmbedded is not working in UXP

Hi All,
I want to place an image on active document from local drive without opening any dialog box. I tried below code but it is not working.

const result = await batchPlay(
               _obj: "placeEvent",
               ID: 2,
               null: {
                  _path: "D:\\sampleProject\\UXPicons\\watermark.svg",
                  _kind: "local"
               freeTransformCenterState: {
                  _enum: "quadCenterState",
                  _value: "QCSAverage"
               offset: {
                  _obj: "offset",
                  horizontal: {
                     _unit: "pixelsUnit",
                     _value: 0
                  vertical: {
                     _unit: "pixelsUnit",
                     _value: 0
               antiAlias: true,
               _options: {
                  dialogOptions: "dontDisplay"
         ], {
         synchronousExecution: false,
         modalBehavior: "fail"

Is there any way to place an image on document without opening any dialog box?

  1. You must pass a token instead of a path string
  2. If you don’t have a token for specific file or for one of the parent folders, I believe there’s no way without requesting a user to choose one