Problem with native components alignment

Please use the same pixel rounding as for DIV elements and other stuff. Now selection and inputs jump up and down left and right as you resize window and sometimes it is aligned with other elements and sometimes not.

Right now there are so many problems with native components that I am trying to avoid them as much as I can.


Input in image above with “0” inside is actually input with appearance:none and padded and wrapped into div so It can have always proper borders on each 4 sides and not like native borders where it fails fit one rectangle into another both within native component

I also had to add padding 2px on wrapper since native components jumps from side to side and overlaps border when value is 0 or 1px.

I already struggled with those during prerelease, it’s definitely time to fix those inputs.
Some things like the left and right overlap can be fixed with paddings as you mentioned, but what’s bothering me more is that I can’t show any suffix on the input fields due to the z-index. (I used to show the unit like “px”, “%” etc at the right)