Promises returned from panel entry points?

If we want to do file or network i/o when opening and closing a panel, can we return promises that are the required results of having an async open/close handler?

Will XD do the right thing with them? (Waiting for resolution.)

You can have an async function inside your show/hide function like this:

async function show(event) {
    const result = await fetch("");
    // this creates the panel UI

Note that, AFAIK, XD won’t wait for those operations to complete, so you;'ll likely want to have a loader/spinner of some sort so your panel doesn’t just render as a blank surface.

OK, thanks.

While I “have” you here, a puzzle. In the e2e-adobe-stock sample, App.jsx, there’s the code:

class App extends React.Component {

constructor(props) {

    this.state = {
        prefs: props.prefs || null,

async init() {
    // load settings from persistent storage -- this is ASYNC
    this.setState( { prefs: await PreferencesStore.createFromSettings() })

how does the App class creation get away with not being async, since it’s calling this.init(), which is async?

So since all async functions return Promises, I’m abusing that a little since I don’t need the constructor to wait until the settings are loaded (the state will just get updated), and I don’t care about the results of the promise. As such, I can call it like a normal function, trusting that it will eventually load in its settings.

IIRC, you can occasionally catch the panel in the act of doing this with a very brief “Loading Settings” text at the top. Usually the I/O is fast enough that you don’t see it, but it does happen occasionally.