Properties panel undesirable behavior during (at least panel) plugin operation

I’ve got a panel plugin which is doing complex things to the scenegraph, very rapidly, when the UI is in use (e.g., dragging property sliders in the plugin).

I’ve noticed that the properties panel is going nuts during these operations (and Kerri concurs, having seen the plugin in operation). It appears that it’s being updated constantly as the selection is changing, etc., flopping around as different node types are selected/unselected/created/destroyed, etc.

Since that’s all wasted computation + display (none of it means anything or has any relevance–it’s just distracting movement), it seems like it would be better if the properties panel were “put to sleep” while a plugin is doing its job (UXP knows when that is), and only “woken up” once the plugin returns control.

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Thanks for reporting this. @kerrishotts will review this when she gets back next week