PS Legacy Array

Below is an example of getting the gamma values using the legacyArray.
Is this legacyArray okay to be using, or will it be deprecated? What are other options that might be better to use instead of the legacyArray?

const adjustment = require('photoshop').action.batchPlay([layerGetter], { synchronousExecution: true })
var legacyArray = adjustment[0].adjustment[0].legacyContentData;
const typedArray = new Int8Array(legacyArray);
var currGamma = fourBitsToFloat(typedArray[10], typedArray[11], typedArray[12], typedArray[13]);

I would say legacyContentData is ok to read if are willing to interpret it on your own.

There are definitely plans to modernize this but I am not sure if this legacy will be available. But right now you don’t have much other options.