Removing the square (grey) artifact in the bottom-right corner

If you are developing a panel that is affected by a small grey rectangular artifact as demonstrated below:

…you can call the following API to hide it.

window.require('photoshop').core.suppressResizeGripper({"type": "panel", "target": <panelId>, "value": true})

where the panelId is the one defined in your manifest.json .

We are looking to make the described a more permanent ‘opt-in’ experience versus the runtime API, but the API is not slated to be removed any time soon.

(On behalf of Heewoo, one of the Ps extensibility engineers.)

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Small tip for not having to hardcode the panelID (at least that’s how I did it to begin with):
Depending on your setup, you might be able to import JSON files like
import manifest from '../uxp/manifest.json'
and access it via manifest.entrypoints[0].id in case of a single-panel-plugin (index 0).

This makes it much less prone to errors when changing the ID at a later point.