require('uxp').pluginManager gets undefined

I’m trying to access PluginManager API but seems it returns undefined when I try to get it.

I saw in the documentation this is the right code:

const { pluginManager } = require("uxp");

Tried also this:

const pluginManager = require("uxp").pluginManager;

Same retults, both returns “undefined”.

Does PluginManager isn’t available yet or what is happening?

I want to use to for this command I saw in the documentation:


Any help is very much appreciated.

Mario OM

It would help if you added links to the docs at least :thinking:

Here you go:

Works as expected here:

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I might be doing something wrong because I tried in the console same as you and I got it undefined:


My PS is 24.1.0

And this is the info of my CC

It didn’t fit in the image but the CC Library is

Mine is also Ps v24.1
I’m on Win10 x64

CCD is though (and all other versions are a bit newer), but I doubt this would matter

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It is very weird, I canno’t think about something else that could be the issue for this